Festivalis „Nepatogus kinas“ / Ketvirtoji karalystė

Festivalis „Nepatogus kinas“ / Ketvirtoji karalystė

Ketvirtoji karalystė / El Cuarto Reino

Ispanija, JAV, Meksika | 2019 | 83 min. | R

Režisieriai: Adán Aliaga, Àlex Lora

Operatoriai: Adán Aliaga, Àlex Lora

Montažas: Adán Aliaga, Àlex Lora, Sergi Dies

Prodiuseriai: Isa Feliu, Àlex Lora, Miguel Molina

Kalbos: ispanų, anglų, kinų

Subtitrai: lietuvių, anglų

Group of outcasts – illegal immigrants and socially excluded Americans – whose American dream has never materialised itself live their lives among tons of used plastic in the suburbs of New York. While sorting waste, they keep each other company, dwell on their own weakness and failures, nurse homeless kittens and continue to dream. The film is a close-up on the life of this unique little community separate from the contemporary civilization by the rubbish wall.