HELLOWEEN Pumpkins United – United Alive Part II Tour

HELLOWEEN Pumpkins United – United Alive Part II Tour


NEW DATE!  The show will take place on May 11th, 2021 at The Noblessner Foundry in Tallinn. DIRKSCHNEIDER is confirmed as the special guest. Udo Dirkschneider and his band will perform solely songs of his era with ACCEPT, the band he experienced his worldwide breakthrough with at the beginning of the 80’s. His voice is the soul of such timeless hits as “Metal Heart”, “Princess Of The Dawn” and “Balls to the Wall”.

All purchased tickets remain VALID for a new date and do not need to be exchanged.

“With a heavy heart we herewith announce that we are forced to postpone our European Tour 2020.  Initially scheduled to take place from the end of September until mid of November 2020, we now rescheduled the tour from April to June 2021.

This never seen before pandemic challenges all of us, and we feel the risk of a contamination is still way too high. Besides, the national regulations of the individual countries make the executions of the tour in its entity very uncertain. A Helloween concert should be a gathering of all fans having fun, enjoying themselves by celebrating the music we all love. The current situation worldwide does not allow such an unconcerned manner yet.

We also decided to shift the release of our yet untitled new album to early next year. The production is on the home stretch: The mixing, by Ronald Prent in New York, is working to the fullest. Andi Deris: “We are super proud of the result and can´t wait to celebrate the new songs together with our fans live – but we all need to be a bit more patient.  Health comes first!“ Please be safe and stay healthy – obeying the rules will get us through these surreal times!” — HELLOWEEN

“The social media feedback was overwhelming on all counts. To hear and read: “this was the show of my lifetime” gives you the ultimate kick to offer the fans even more. Let’s go for the next round!“  Sascha Gerstner

Looking back to the Pumpkins United World Tour, named by the press the “tour of the year”, everyone still has a big smile on his face. The excitement that swept through the media began with the announcement of the metal-summit ́s plan to visit at least 32 countries on three continents – but the reactions were nothing compared to the euphoria of over a million fans at sold out halls and festivals from west to east. Even if CD, DVD and Blu-ray present stunning contemporary documents – nobody wants to imagine that this is all there is…

“The Pumpkins United World Tour 2017 – 2019 forged us into a real band – we are all very keen in recording a new studio album now. Artistically it ́s extremely thrilling“.
 Andi Deris

It becomes solidified: Immediately following the massive Brazil tour with the Scorpions and Iron Maiden, the Pumpkins United lineup entered the HOME studios in Hamburg (where everything started in 1984) to work on brand new song material. The same recording console used for albums such as “Master of The Rings”, “Time of the Oath” or “Better than Raw” is now being used to record a new legendary studio album – analogue and deliberately “back to the roots“. With Michael Kiske, Kai Hansen and Dani Löble drumming on Ingo Schwichtenberg’s original drum kit, one thing is for sure: a stronger Helloween-Vibe won’t be possible. With United power, the new album will slam down our door beginning of 2021 – produced by Charlie Bauerfeind and Dennis Ward, who are likewise excited about the quality song material they have on offer from the band.

“It was already lots of fun to create a show from the variety of records for the first tour . With the new album we are able to top this. Of course, the set will contain our classics again – especially those songs we were not able to play on the first tour“.
 Markus Grosskopf

It ́s official: The United Alive World Tour Part II is coming! The Ultimate Helloween-Party will continue and there are a million reasons to attend again: Besides the full speed hit rollercoaster carrying the fans through three decades, the brand new album (yet to be named) will be presented live for the very first time.

In spring 2021, the legendary United-Lineup will be unleashed again: Stronger, with the new song material and a ton of horsepower – simply the ultimate
 United Alive World Tour Part II.

DIRKSCHNEIDER is confirmed as the special guest for Helloween’s upcoming European tour. 

„It’s great to have the German Tank with us! He’s a great guy and a musical icon. The tour is gonna be big fun!“
Andi Deris

„It’s a great honour to share the stage with our friends of Helloween. We will play a set featuring ACCEPT songs only, the fans won’t miss any of the big hits“.
Udo Dirkschneider

„This is the ultimate German metal package – I can’t wait to hear all the ACCEPT hits I grew up with!!!“
Michael Weikath