Melngalvju nama ekspozīcijas apskate

Melngalvju nama ekspozīcijas apskate

Welcome to the magnificent premises of House of the Black Heads!
House of the Black Heads is one of the most gorgeous buildings in Riga preserving both the unique historical heritage of the legendary Brotherhood of Black Heads and the history of Riga.
The House of Black Heads has been delighting both the residents and guests of Riga for almost 700 years. Currently, House of the Black Heads is one of the most recognizable tourist hotspots in Riga.
House of the Black Heads was built in 1334 as a place for meetings and banquets of various Riga public organizations. The building was destroyed in World War II, but was completely restored in 1999, and now we have the opportunity to enter it and travel through the centuries.
During the visit, find out the legends of the Brotherhood of Black Heads and see:
–    One of the largest silver collection in the Baltics
–    Inspect the treasures at the 14th century Medieval cellars
–    Luxurious and festive celebration halls decorated with crystal chandeliers and a gallery of composers
–    Historical cabinets of 19th century interior, where also were located work offices of the president of Latvia during 2012 – 2016
–    See the items that once belonged to the Brotherhood of Black Heads: snuffboxes, silverware, paintings and pottery
–    Admire the rich facade of the House of the Black Heads with various architectural styles and art trends from various periods
Enjoy a historical adventure in the heart of Old Riga!

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