SABATON – The Tour To End All Tours

SABATON – The Tour To End All Tours

On 6 April 2022, a first-class metal party will take place in Saku Suurhall. Sabaton, the pride and joy of the Swedes, will take to the Suurhall stage as part of their “The Tour To End All Tours”. Mongolian heavy metal band The Hu will join as special guests, and northern neighbors Lordi will warm up the show. 

Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton describes itself as one of the hardest working bands. And rightly so. In addition to nine albums, several nominations and awards, an international fan base and a self-titled heavy rock festival, they also have a busy touring calendar. They couldn’t resist the pandemic, but they’re back and better than ever: the tour starting in spring 2022 will take the band to 17 countries around the world. “We have waited far too long… By the time we start this tour, we’ll have a treasure trove of new music to play for you. You don’t want to miss The Tour to End All Tours,” says Sabaton frontman Pär Sundström confidently.

Sabaton, who last wowed audiences in Tallinn in 2017, will be joined this time by Mongolian heavy metal band The Hu. This is a group with a real cultural heritage – traditional instruments such as the Mongolian Morin Khuur (horsehead fiddle), the Mongolian guitar Tovshuur, the jaw harp or Tumur Khuur and the throat singing add charm to modern singing. All of this adds up to a unique soundscape, which the band itself calls hunnu rock.

Finland’s heavy metal veterans Lordi, who, among other things, are the only band to have won Eurovision for Finland so far, will perform as a warm-up act.

Durys 18:00
Programa 19:00
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