Abii/SEVER(LV)&Arcadia Repeats live!

Abii/SEVER(LV)&Arcadia Repeats live!


A rising Alt | Electronic | Rock band from Lithuania formed in 2016.
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Arcadia Repeats

Instrumental/Experimental/Post-Rock/Ambient duo from Lithuania
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Is a 5-piece band founded in 2016 in Riga, Latvia.
Band musical style combines alternative rock, post-rock and post-hardcore styles.

Every band member had several musical projects (such as Rise to The Bait, Otherway, MadFish, Freelancers) and several year experience in recording and on-stage performing before founding current formation (in such venues as Melna Piektdiena, Fontaine Palace, Nabaklab and many others).
Through the years members of SEVER have been performing in Baltic States, took part in summer festivals (such as Metalshow, KLANG, Summer Sound, FonoFest) as well as supporting rock and metal acts from overseas.

Up to now the band have released two music videos for a cover version of Sia’s track “The Greatest” and own single “Hope”. Both music videos received very positive feedback from listeners and fans.
Audio tracks were produced in a collaboration with German studio “Embark Audio” (Burning Down Alaska, Time the Valuator).

In 2017 SEVER participated in Wacken Metal Battle Latvia finals.

Social media
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/severmusic/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/severmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sever.music/
BandCamp: https://severmusic.bandcamp.com/


Durys nuo 18:00 val.

Koncertas nuo 21:00 val.

Staliukų rezervacija telefonu +37060617327 arba žinute pm


Renginio dieną bilietus galėsite įsigyti klubo kasoje (prie durų)

Staliukų rezervacija laikoma iki 20:00 val., neatvykus iki 20:00 val. rezervacija atšaukiama.