Sabiwa with Posverdad Trax & Sarma Gabrēna

Sabiwa with Posverdad Trax & Sarma Gabrēna

SABIWA – avant-garde electronics with Taiwanese folk music influences

 On May 22, SABIWA will perform with Posverdad Trax and Sarma Gabrēna. The concert starts at 20:00. The venue: bar “Aleponija” (Ernesta Birznieka-Upīša street 22).

 SABIWA is a participating artist of the SHAPE+ platform for innovative music and interdisciplinary art, co-funded by the European Union. Concert series “1 – 2 cauri!” is supported by the Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia and Riga City Council. Tickets to the event cost 10 EUR on this site and 15 EUR at the entrance.

 SABIWA is an experimental audiovisual performer. In her compositions, she manipulates and fragments the source material to the point of it becoming unrecognizable, leading to mesmerizing and transcendental new dimensions of sound. Drawing inspiration from ancient music that imitates nature, she incorporates her own voice, drawing from the musical traditions of the native tribes of Taiwan, resulting in a remarkable psychedelic narrative. She collaborates with numerous forward-thinking artists and musicians. Her live performances encompass various formats, including Live A/V shows with single or multi-projections, installations, and body performances. 

 Posverdad Trax is the computer music project of Andrejs Zālītis, previously known for his participation in projects PuseH PuseW, Pro Statik, Andriksons and Streets of Sex. “The Neutral Sin”, Posverdad Trax’ debut album, was published in 2020 by Opal Tapes. When asked for a bio text, Zālītis submitted an incomprehensible blurb, facilitated either by brain trauma or AI. It shall not be published here.

Sarma Gabrēna a.k.a. Sarma is a “sound witch”, currently collaborating with performance artists, writers and other musicians, and is a part of one of a kind band Grab.

She strongly believes that it’s all about the energy, honesty and true nature of humans. She plays different genres of music, learns a new instrument if the idea calls for a new sound and collaborates with people who seem to share that idea. She creates spaces for us to just be in, breathe and let our inner critics go quiet for a moment. Note for the listener – it’s totally ok, if you close your eyes and drift away. This is a perfect time for not thinking.  

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Perkant 10 ir daugiau bilietų galite kreipkitis: [email protected]

Durys atidaromos: 19:00

Renginio trukmė: 2val
Kalba: anglų
Vaikai nemokamai įleidžiami: iki 7 metų nemokamai neužimant papildomos vietos
Amžiaus cenzas: nėra
Nuolaidos: nėra